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When people talk about cloud computing, they usually refer to it in ways it can benefit businesses. For years, there has been a steady stream of companies moving various operations and functions to the cloud. The result is the cloud's growing popularity among people in the private sector, but the potential behind cloud computing may be much more than that. Governments are slowly coming to the realization that they need to make a similar move. After the financial downturn at the tail end of the last decade, people of all walks of life needed to find ways to save. For governments at the state and local level, the cloud seemed to be calling to them for that very reason. A few intrepid state governments took the plunge first, and now more are warming to the cloud as a helpful tool. Cloud adoption among state governments is increasing at a rapid pace. In a recent survey... (more)

Why You Need a BYOD Plan, Now! | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

It probably should come as no surprise that businesses are adopting bring your own device (BYOD) policies at an increased pace. As word of the movement has gotten around, talk of BYOD's benefits has spread as well. Some of those benefits include a more productive workforce, employees with higher job satisfaction, and overall cost savings for the business. With those touted benefits, it's no wonder so many organizations have been quick to jump on the BYOD bandwagon. But those companies that are willing to adopt BYOD need to know that it's not always a smooth transition. Even when ... (more)

BYOD and Remote Wipe By @RickNotDelgado | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

BYOD & the Importance of the Remote Wipe Most people enjoy the freedom of bringing their own devices to work. It's hard to beat the comfort of using a familiar machine or not having to carry two phones or tablets. Employees are eager to support BYOD and don't think twice when they sign their company's policy. However, there's an often overlooked, small-print clause at the bottom of these policies that, if read, may cause employees to rethink using their personal devices at work. Many companies hold the right, in the event a device is lost or stolen, to remotely wipe the contents.... (more)

Which Cloud Storage Service Should You Use? | @CloudExpo

When it comes to cloud storage services, the options are plentiful. For personal or business use, cloud storage has quickly become a vital element of saving important information, whether they be company files, personal photos, or documents. In fact, many businesses plan out strategies that largely depend on the cloud services they use. With that in mind, the choice of cloud storage provider has become an immensely important one. Many different choices exist, some offered by large corporations while others comes from startups. To differentiate what service is best for you, it's b... (more)

Will Cloud Storage Ever Be Free? By @RickNotDelgado | @CloudExpo

The cloud is proving to be a useful tool for businesses both large and small. What started out as an innovative idea has quickly transformed into a vital component of many business practices. Demand for cloud storage has only increased with each passing year as more and more data is being stored in data centers around the world. While only 7% of data was stored in the cloud in 2013, that number is expected to increase to 36% by 2016. With growing demand comes fierce competition among the many cloud vendors out there, and as is the case with most business competition, that has led... (more)